The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts is dedicated to serving the healing process of humanity by assisting people to learn how to use the light, color, and perfect geometric form manifested in the mineral kingdom to heal and balance the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies.

The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts was founded in 1986 by Katrina Raphaell. Katrina Raphaell is the well-known author of the CRYSTAL TRILOGY. Best Selling CRYSTAL ENLIGHTENMENT, CRYSTAL HEALING and THE CRYSTALLINE TRANSMISSION have been published in over a dozen languages worldwide and The Crystal Academy, through Katrina and its dedicated teachers around the world, has trained thousands of students making the crystal healing modality taught through the Crystal Academy integrated throughout many places in the world. Katrina’s trilogy of books forms the foundation for the Crystal Healing Certification Courses that are taught through the Academy.

We are currently conducting the Crystal Academy’s Beginning and Intermediate Certification Crystal Healing courses in Singapore and France.